M. Fox Web Design

About M. Fox Web Design

My name is Patrick Malone and I am the founder and operator of M. Fox Web Design. I have been designing and maintaining websites for the past 15 years. It began as a hobby and just something I did in my spare time. But when my full time job left Rhode Island and the economy took a turn downward, I decided that it was time to make a mid-life career change and turn a hobby into a second career. So, I went back to school to bring my skills current and learned some new technologies along the way. And so here we are!

But the question I get asked the most is where we came up with the name. We live out in the country and we have a lot of animals come into the yard, and for the most part, they are welcome. We had a fox that came into the yard every now and then and we discovered that the best way to lure the fox into the yard is to put a row of marshmallows from the woods into the yard and the fox would follow them in!

When I first started this business, my wife and I were struggling to come up with a name. We wanted to find something that reflected us personally, but everything we could think of was already taken. Finally in desperation one evening, my wife threw up her hands and just said "Marshmallow Fox!" And for some reason that appealed to me and the name stuck.

Many people forget my name, but few who have come in contact with us have forgotten the name Marshmallow Fox.