At Marshmallow Fox, we believe that quality website design should not be so expensive that it is out of the budget for the smaller or mid-sized organization or business. We are dedicated to providing affordable design and hosting as professional as the more expensive hosting companies. We will insure that your site meets the requirements of current web standards as well as meeting accessibility requirements. We can also help with digital photography needs and document and graphics scanning.

It can sometimes be difficult to set specific prices based on general issues. It's always best to contact us first so we can discuss your specific needs so we can give you a more exact quote. Generally speaking, you can count on an average of $100 per page, although that price will go down as your site gets larger and "bulk pricing" comes into effect.

If you decide to host with us, our price is $300 a year which includes any and all reasonable updates you want to do throughout the year. (Hosting without the update service is $100.00 a year.) If you decide to host elsewhere, we will still do free updates for the first six months after your site goes live.

Give us a call! We're always glad to work with you and find a way to get up up and running within your budget.